Kennebec Inn Bed and Breakfast - Bath, Maine, ME 04530, United States


Why Kennebec Inn Bed and Breakfast

There are many fine details that make us different. With only four rooms, the number one amenity of the Kennebec Inn Bed and Breakfast is our ability to fulfill our commitment to providing each guest the individual attention they deserve. By being a smaller establishment, we are afforded the opportunity to become close to our guests and provide a level of service and flexibility today's sophisticated traveler looks for in their lodging choices. Below are just a few ways we are making it easier for our guests to enjoy their stay in Bath, Maine.

  • Flexible_Checkin_Icon

Flexible Check-in & Check-out
No need to synchronize a rigid schedule. Arrive when you need to and we’ll be here to help welcome you to Bath. Although you won’t be able to access your room (no peeking!) until we have prepared it for you, we'd be happy to store your belongings until your room is ready at 3 o’clock. Go out, have fun, and when you return, the Inn will be waiting for you. When it’s time to go, if you have a few more things in Bath you’d like to do, no problem. You can clear out of your room but keep your gear at the Inn until you depart Bath.

  • In-ground_Pool_Icon

In-ground Swimming Pool
In the early morning hours, before the city of Bath is even awake, slip on down to the pool to get your morning exercise in by swimming laps. In the sunny afternoon, lounge around on the deck-chairs by the pool to take in the sun and warmth.

  • Free_wifi_Icon

Free WiFi
For those who like to disconnect completely while on vacation, it's entirely possible while visiting Bath and the Kennebec Inn. But for those who prefer to stay connected, we offer free wifi throughout the Inn. Bring your laptop, bring your tablet. Connect at your leisure. 

  • Large_Grounds_Icon

Large Grounds
The large grounds offer a park-like setting with room to spread out and enjoy the great outdoors. Savor a meal or snack at the picnic table, play a friendly game of croquet on the freshly manicured lawn, or relax by the pool for some fun in the sun.

  • Outdoor_Firepit_Icon

Outdoor Fire Pit
That’s right, go to one of our seafood markets here in Bath, get yourself some fresh Maine seafood and come back to the Inn and cook your own New England lobster bake. We’ll help tell you how, and we’ll help eat it, but when it comes to clean up, that’s on you...don’t worry, we have tools to help. Bon-appetite!

  • Beach_Gear_Icon

Beach Gear
We know some people like to travel light. But we don't want this to stop you from making the most of your trip—especially to the beach. Make sure to bring your sunscreen, but leave your gear at home because we've got a kit for you to borrow for your trip to the beach. It includes a tote bag, umbrella, blanket, two beach towels, two beach chairs, and mini cooler. Limited quantities available.

  • Culinary_Icon

Culinary Experience
With over 23 years of culinary experience, Rachel’s breakfasts will wake up your senses and get you moving first thing in the morning. With a background in nutrition and food management, Rachel takes great pride in creating three-course breakfast masterpieces and serving them on beautiful Blue Willow China. You’ll go to sleep each night looking forward to her breakfasts—yes, they’re that good.

  • Bike_Storage_Icon

Storage Area
Wondering where you’ll store that new kayak or mountain bike you purchased on your shopping trip to L.L. Bean? Worry not; while you stay at the Bed and Breakfast, we’ll hold your larger belongings in a secured space with easy accessibility.

  • On-site_Parking_Icon

Free On-Site Parking
Arrive at the Inn worry-free and comfortably park off street in the easy-to-negotiate parking lot located on-site, adjacent to the Inn.

  • Optimal_Design_Icon

Optimal Layout & Design
From the front of the original Italianate to the rear of the carriage house, each bedroom is perfectly located throughout the Inn. Each accommodation is at ground level or above, shares no more than one wall with an adjacent room and has no shared walls with common areas throughout the Inn. In fact, each accommodation is a corner bedroom with at least two exterior walls per and with no other guest rooms above or below. Room to breathe is what we call it. This set-up allows guests to spread out and enjoy the space while also having their own unique areas within the Inn. And when it's time to share ideas or mingle with the other guests, centrally located is the kitchen, dining room and parlor as well as patios and porches for exterior options.

Kennebec Inn Bed and Breakfast
696 High Street
Bath, Maine, ME 04530, United States
Call: +1 207 4435324


Bath, Maine's Bed and Breakfast Inn at Midcoast

Kennebec Inn Bed and Breakfast in historic Bath, Maine is a Midcoast Inn providing premier amenities of a boutique hotel, while balanced with the personalized service and authenticity only intimate lodging accommodations can provide. Innkeepers Kenneth and Rachel Parlin invite you to come see why the Kennebec Inn has been the B&B of choice by guests of Bath, Maine for over nine years.