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Challenger Sports British Soccer Camp - Bath Maine

Challenger Sports British Soccer Camps is the most popular soccer camp in the country. Over a thousand Challenger coaches each year have helped the company develop one of the most innovative approaches to coaching youth soccer in the US.

  • Two Coaches for soccer

And now Challenger British Soccer Camps is coming to Bath, Maine.  If you're coming to town for this event come stay with us at the Kennebec Inn Bed and Breakfast and take advantge of our long stay promotions to help make this the best camp ever.  Start the day with a great breakfast, relax your musucles at night in the pool, and get a wonderful night's sleep to tackle the next day at your best.

The camp is located just minutes from the Inn at  the McMann Recreation Complex, 181 Congress Ave, Bath, ME 04530.  The camp runs from 08/11/14 - 08/15/14 and it's for all ages.

For more information, check out the Challenger Sports British Soccer Camp Website.  See you then!